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I started my career in technical security, working for financial organisations and in highly secured environments. During that time I have gained expertise in the field of burglary detection, fire detection, access control and CCTV camera surveillance.


In 2008 I made a career switch and started as an ICT manager after taking courses in IT networks and IT security. Over the next 12 years, I was able to build a team by hiring 5 more people and building a completely new IT environment that was scalable and business efficient. It goes without saying that security was always part of every process or change. Because privacy and security go hand in hand, I certified myself as a DPO in 2017 and gained more knowledge about the GDPR.


In 2020, I took on the role of CISO and started working on an international level, combining my experience from the past years to improve the IT security of 22 different subsidiaries (OPCOs) in 14 different countries. This was done by creating awareness, organizing training campaigns, teaching, reporting to board members, writing the policy, looking for new solutions and signing contracts.

I am also certified as CISO.

Today I am a freelance security consultant. I like to be as competent and efficient as possible in an analytical way, always with a diplomatic touch.

"Every day I want to become better at what I do, always with a goal in mind."

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